The final’s dream

Going into the final week, TSM are looking to take a 2-0 week to give them hope of a 11th straight NA LCS final appearance and maybe even a 7th NA LCS split trophy. However, this split has exactly been the smoothest ride for them with the addition of MikeYeung and the best EU bot lane, Zven and Mithy. TSM are currently at 9-7 going into the final week with games against Golden Guardians and Counter Logic Gaming which looks like it could go into the favour of TSM, however we have seen upsets before.

Throughout the season TSM have looked shaky with moments of brilliance, especially against Echo Fox and Cloud 9 leaving them with a 1 to 1 record in the head to heads. Going through each member of TSM, Hauntzer and Bjergsen have both been consistent through the changes being there usual dominant self’s. I feel the bot lane is where the problems start to be unveiled. Zven and Mithy have played together for a while now and crushed the European scene on G2 but haven’t seemed to be able to find that same rhythm in NA being the focus countless amount of times for first bloods and tower dives. Over the past few weeks, I feel that MikeYeung has really started to relax and become more comfortable on stage, even stating in a recent interview that he has started doing pregame rituals which has shown in the games where TSM have won the early game and played a methodical game leading them to victory.

Moving onto the real issue at hand, the playoffs. TSM haven’t missed a playoff yet and are looking to carry on that tradition, however there is a small chance that they could miss it this split if results don’t go their way meaning they will have to go through the gauntlet again and face some tough opposition. This final week is a make or break week for TSM and could really show how much the team has developed and learned over the past split.

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