The push for playoffs

After Fnatic locked in their playoff place last weekend, the final couple of places are becoming highly contested. Going into the final week Splyce and Team Vitality clash in what could be a very important game for both teams as it could determine which teams gets second place and which team falls out of the top four meaning they will have the run the gauntlet and miss out on a playoff bye.

With team Vitality’s recent string of defeats, they are definitely looking like the underdogs going into the final week of games going up against fellow playoff contestants Splyce and G2. G2 have also been having problems recently having a 0-2 week last week, losing to both h2k and FC Schalke 04. G2’s midlaner Perkz has made some questionable plays with one being dubbed the “dumbest play of the split” by Martin ‘Deficio’ Lynge during last week’s game against FC Schalke.

Knowing that Fnatic will finish in first place my thoughts on the final standings at the end of the spring split will be;

  1. Fnatic
  2. Spylce
  3. Team Vitality
  4. G2

With Spylce playing Team Vitality and Giants, if they beat Team Vitality they will knock them out of contention for second place leaving their final place in the hands of their final game and also G2’s games. Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry recently said in an interview that “In my 6 years of casting, we’ve never had a Split that was as competitive as this one” which can be backed up with how close the standings are and how, even the low placed teams are making a late season surge for a playoff place.

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