Initio Gaming

Initio Gaming, start learning that name. This organisation is starting to make a name for themselves within the gaming community making strong appearances in Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch. The team is currently in the process of having a documentary filmed about them and their lives. I had a conversation with the captain of the Rainbow Six Siege team Jari ‘Snuf’ Berg after recently winning the Go4R6 (PC) Benelux January 2018 Finals. Here’s what he had to say:


what is it like playing for Initio?

I really like it so far. We have been part of the Initio family for like a couple of weeks now and I love every single one of them. They are really helpful and are supporting us to reach something we could not reach with only the players.

where do you see rainbow six being in the future in terms of competitive play?

Rainbow Six Siege is going to be a game that will be as big as League of Legends. They have announced that they want to continue the support for the game for at least the next 10 years. It already grew allot in the past 2 years but will definitely be so much more bigger.

How much work does it take to play at the higher level?

To be playing at a higher level takes up a lot of time actually. As in every game you have to play a lot of games and scrims to really be good at the game. As Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter you have to practice a lot to know everything about the game for example angles, destruction of some walls, Throwing Smokes/Flashbangs, what you have to reinforce for what bomb site you take and of course the gadget placement of some operators like Mira that will allow you to watch through a wall with a special window and give you more information what is laying behind the wall.

Is there anything you would change/add into r6 and competitive?

There is not something particular that I want to add to the game/competitive scene right now. Ubisoft recently announced some major changes to the format of the competitive scene and to the game itself as can be found at the following links:

How much they rely on sound? how accurate they can pinpoint where someone is above/below kind of thing

We rely on sound quite much, the sound in Rainbow Six Siege is close to real life for example if there is a door or a window in a room the sound will enter from the door itself, This makes it however sometimes quite hard to exactly pinpoint the position of a enemy. Sometimes it is even necessary to destroy a soft wall to get more information about the position of the enemy. If someone is walking above you we directly hear that as of the sound coming from the top of your head.

How is the documentary coming along?

We are setting everything up right now. We already got our spot in the Gamers Assembly tournament. I hope to fix everything with Ubisoft the upcoming week/weeks. I can’t really give much more intel on this.


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