Patch 8.3 notes – the one with the Swain update

With patch 8.3, came the new Swain update that completely changed how to play with and against the champion. After playing with him in a few games, the update looks like it’s done the champion good and I think he will be well within the pick/ban phase when then the pro scene comes onto this patch. Whether or not he seems over powered remains to be seen, however in the right hands he will be able to deal a lot of damage and be a noticeable threat in team fights especially with his R – Demonic Ascension, with allows Swain to gamin a large amount of health on-cast and drain health from several nearby champions for an extended period of time.

Some noticeable changes that came with this patch were to Azir, his Q – Conquering Sands now has a longer cooldown at earlier ranks and his W – Arise! now draws minion aggro. Kog’Maw also got a nerf on his W – Bio-Arcane Barrage, which now deals less target’s maximum health at higher levels meaning he won’t be spiking as hard as he currently is.

Looking into the pro scene and champions that are getting hit pretty badly, Ryze looks to be taking the brunt of the changes. Usually Ryze is able to use his hourglass and ultimate in combination for a classy escape, however in this patch that combination is no longer available. With the introduction of the stopwatch and being able to access it at six minutes riot felt they were not comfortable with the interaction. Zoe also took a slight nerf on her Q – Paddle Star, however many people have voiced their opinion on the nerfs stated that it’s not going to change much gameplay wise.

A few changes to the inspiration tree were made, especially the combination of Magical Footwear and Perfect Timing as they were giving too much of a gold advantage. These have been changed by removing the amount of gold that each item gives/sells for. The Unsealed Spellbook summoner spell cooldown reduction has also been changed from 25% down to 15% allowing people to mix things up to create a more diverse and interesting mid-game.

A few more visual updates were made to the scoreboard and a few bugs were fixed with the Runes feature whilst in champion select. The new Lunar skins that were revealed last patch are also going to become available along with 16 new emotes to go alongside the skins.


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