Golden Guardians fired Locodoco after inappropriate remark

The Golden Guardians dismissed their head coach Choi “Locodoco” Yoon-seop on Friday, 02/04/18 after an inappropriate comment was made to a female employee at Riot games.

Choi had chosen to take part in an interview that would have been aired during the League of Legends Championship series livestream. However, before the interview started, Choi made a comment off camera towards the employee which both Riot games and Golden Guardians found inappropriate and breached the Golden State Warriors’ strict zero tolerance policy and therefore had to fire the coach, sources say.

Locododo was one of the first members of staff to be hired by Golden Guardians after the team had been accepted into the North American League of Legends Championship series as a franchise partner.

At this moment in time, Locodoco and Riot Games have not commented on the situation however, something is expected over the next couple of days. Information will be updated as more is revealed.


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