The battle for last place

TSM and Golden Guardians took to the rift in the last game of the day on Saturday, with either TSM having one of their worst starts to a split in a considerable amount of time and going 1-4 or the new kids on the block in the form of Golden Guardians going 0-5 leaving them in dead last.

Starting off the game, an early gank from MikeYeung and the stun from Braums’ passive allowed TSM to get first blood and a 600-gold lead. TSM look like they might have started to fix some of their underlying problems with communication. This continued throughout the early game as a failed gank from Contractz leads to a double kill on the side of TSM and multiple towers helps them grow the gold lead to around 8k. From here on out, TSM played a well-managed and methodical game pushing up vision as each lane pushes closer and closer to Golden Guardians base. Roughly a 2k gold lead on each member of TSM over their counterparts means that as the game pushes on a perfect game is looking possible.

As the game draws towards the end, the wave control and pressure from TSM shows as all 3 lanes are pushed into the Golden Guardians base. Golden Guardians try one last time to save their base however, Contractz falls rapidly, Hauntzer crits Matt for almost 1k damage sending him back to the fountain and TSM wrap up the perfect game. It would seem that TSM have found their footing in this split and looked very confident in this game. Could this be the start of the turnaround for TSM and see them push for play-offs again?

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