Fnatic vs Misfits – When two Worlds Quarterfinalists collide

A 65-minute nail biter between the two worlds quarterfinalists happened yesterday in the EU LCS as Fnatic and Misfits clashed.

During the picks and bans, strong picks were picked by both teams, with Zoe and Azir being picked in the first round of picks and Nunu being brought out by Fnatic Broxah. With the changes to Nunu’s blood boil it makes him a strong pick when picked with an Azir. Overall both teams pick strong team compositions with late game scaling with Kog Maw, Xayah and Ornn both getting picked. With Fnatic struggling with picking up barons in past games, this was the game to find some luck with the Azir + Nunu being able to do baron very early on once Azir has picked up nashers tooth and some ability power.

With Zven going to America, Rekkles was looking to put himself back at number one, however Hans Sama, coming back from his strong showing at worlds was looking to show him up. Misfits threw the rulebook out the window as four members took unsealed spellbook including Maxlore as he tried to utilize against the Nunu. Around ten minutes Misfits started to grow their gold lead as Hylissang got picked off by three members, but Fnatic answered back a few minutes later with proactive play from Soaz, Broxah and Caps.

Going into the mid game, Maxlore looks to gank mid however Caps has another idea, shifting forward on the Azir dodging the Sejauni ultimate followed by the sleepy trouble from Zoe. It didn’t stop there as Broxah shows up slowing with absolute zero allowing Caps to shift forward and flash to secure the kill on Sencux. Caps in recent games has been the key playmaker for Fnatic having no fear as he has played the last four out of five games on Azir. As twenty-one minutes hits, Fnatic look at baron with the Nunu and Azir composition. It is quickly rushed down and gold lead swings back into Fnactics’ control. A team fight breaks out not long after with Fnatic picking up three kills for only one death and push for an inhibitor tower. After the baron wears off Fnatic pull even more ahead with a 4233 gold baron play which puts them in a comfortable position to see the rest of the game out at only 25 minutes. After a failing dance around baron, Misfits turn the tides and not only pick up baron but also three kills in the process. This doesn’t stop Fnatic from going old school and using the infamous death brush play to pick up Alphari and push for two inhibitors.

As the late game ticks on, Fnatic push bottom lane trying to finish the game with Rekkles and Soaz however this fizzles out as Misfits pick up the baron and rush to get back to base. The elder dragon starts the come into effect as the game ticks on and with a fight breaking out in the mid lane, Misfits come out victorious picking up two kills and moving on to elder dragon. The 6k gold lead that Misfits had gained didn’t seem to phase Fnatic as they continue to siege for an inhibitor however Misfits somehow manage to push it out as baron starts to spawn, a team fight at this time could result in a win.

Misfits Alphard seemed to be enjoying himself as he picked up two infinity edges on Gangplank with his critical strikes start to do upwards of 1,500 damage. As the game ticks past 60 minutes, Misfits’ get a pick on Soaz and pick up elder dragon and baron.

Fnatic look to end the game as Caps pushes top and starts to tank the nexus towers. A team fight breaks out underneath the towers however, Hans Sama is untouched in the back and throws out damage as they pick off Fnatic one by one. ACE! breaks the heart of all the Fnatic fans and with that Misfits rush down the mid lane to find the win and move to 4-1, tied for first place.


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