SKT looking shaky!

Game 3, SKT vs MVP. Faker gets Zoe, easy win…right?

At the start of week 3, SKT are sitting at 1 win and 3 loses with MVP sitting bottom at 0-5 however, they still manage to take SKT to game 3. After a poor early game from Blank on camille, MVP started to pull ahead with a large gold lead. As the game goes on with multiple baron dances and skirmishes a fight breaks out at the baron around 40 minutes, Faker ults out for safety but ultimately has to come back to an inevitable death. Is this SKT squad the weakest one since they were formed? Both Bang and new addition Thal have been making crucial mistakes and getting picked off, it would seem that communitcation between the teammates is showing signs of struggles. If this form continues we could soon see SKT in the promotion tournement having to fight for their place in the LCK. It would seem the lose in the final to Samsung Galaxy has shaken not only Faker but the entire team, if not the organisation.

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