Picks and bans League of Legends champions during Na LCS week 2

A new release in the form of Zoe into the League of Legends champion roster, it opened up a challenge to the LCS teams that required a new way to work around this mechanically intense champion. However, with the update to the runes and some champion reworks, a lot of champions are being priorotized a lot more. Picks such as Ezreal and Sejuani have been highly contested picks due to their strong laning phases or presense in teamfights.

With Zoe being a relatively new champion to the pro scene, she is a highly contested pick due to her very high base damage on her Q ability and Crowd Control on her Sleepy Trouble Bubble. She was banned a staggering 9 times during the second week on the NA LCS with the only time that she was picked  was in the TSM vs Echo Fox match where their mid laner Fenix went 8/1/13 in the match which lasted almost an hour.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 05.40.51
Champions picked during week 2 of the Na LCS. Source: lolesports

Alongside Ezreal and Zoe, champions like GankPlank had a 100% win rates, being picked in 5 games and being victorious in all of them. Taric was another champion that had a flawless week, being picked 4 times.


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