Huni is back!

After his brief stint in the LCK, Huni is back and taking North America by storm. After being signed by SK Telecom T1 in Decemeber 2016 Huni tried his luck in Korea, however everything didn’t go to plan. After a shaky time during the group stage at Worlds 2017 and the eventual loss in the final to Samsung Galaxy, Huni eventually left the SKT roster and was picked up by Echo Fox for the 2018 North America LCS.

In his first game in the NA LCS, Huni brought out his imfamous Lucian top, which in previous games had failed to make an impact, this time he would be part of the team that would carry Echo Fox to their first victory of the season going an impressive 4/0/6. Huni continued to dominate the top lane pulling out picks like Gnar and Gankplank, picking up multiple kills each game and having a large impact in the mid to late game.

Huni getting interview after win

The dominance carried on throughout the second week with Echo Fox beating off competition from previous LCS winners Cloud 9 and Team Solomid. Whilst both games lasted almost an hour, some quick thinking and strong shotcalling helped Huni and Echo Fox to stay undefeated in the opening two weeks of the NA LCS. Hopefully they can continute this dominace and maybe Huni can lead yet another team to a perfect split like he did with Fnatic in the 2015 summer split.

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